Thursday, May 22, 2008

Poor, poor puppy

My poor little baby! While I was away this weekend visiting my sister, my sweet little doggy had an unfortunate incident. Stop reading now if you are easily grossed out! She got an infected anal gland and had to have emergency surgery! When I took this picture, she still had the drain in and was seriously unhappy. She just sat and whimpered whenever I left the room. Fortunatly, the vet has removed the drain and she doesn't have to wear the bucket anymore, HOORAY! She is feeling much better and is acting more like her old self.

The funny part of this story is that I had left my 18-year-old daughter home alone that weekend because she is "so mature and responsible". I left on Thursday evening and Friday morning I get the first call. "The instant hot water tap is free-flowing, what do I do? HELP!" So I talk her thru that. Friday about 3pm, "How do I turn on the AC?" (the first hot day of the year) So I talk her thru that. Friday about 8pm, she calls and tells me the dog is sick, the anal gland has burst (I know, gross!) and what should she do. I talk her thru calling the vet, finding the ER vet and getting the dog to the ER. Of course, she has to go back on Saturday and spend the rest of the weekend nursing the dog. I think she was really grateful when I got home and could take over. This being a responsible adult is not all it was cracked up to be.

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