Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Feeling sentimental...

My little girl is graduating high school on Friday and I find myself uncharacteristically sentimental. Usually these 'milestone' events don't affect me too much but lately I am thinking a lot about the passage of time and growing up. I am remembering myself at her age and thinking about the choices I made and the roads I could have taken but passed up. I love my life but I have been wondering what it would have looked like 'if only I had...'. I tend toward the very pragmatic and have always picked myself up and moved on from my errors and misfortunes so this looking backward is very unusual for me. I think that looking at my girl and seeing the vast possibilities laid out in front of her that has me reflecting so soberly on my life. She is so excited to start college but I think the change is affecting her as well. She has been spending more time with me and her dad than ever before. We have been having fairly deep conversations and she is updating me on every little thing she is doing. It's been really nice. I am enjoying this time we have, and I'll really miss her in the fall. I know it's time and that she is ready (guess I did OK in the parenting department) but I'll still miss her.

Well, I think that's enough for today or I'll make myself cry (and I almost never cry!). Thanks for listening to me.


Nicole said...

Geez- if you cry, I'm toast! I'm the weepy sentimental one in the family!

I told that child she wasn't allowed to grow up, I don't want her going off to college and growing up even more.


stephanie t. said...

She is a beauty! They do grow up so fast don't they? Congratulations and celebrations are in order here! Let the wild rumpus begin!!

Annie will be 25 this month...That's a quarter of a century! you KNOW what that is in DOG years???

amyrehnae said...

Wow. I cannot even imagine. I tear up at the thought of mine turning 5 and starting "real" school! Where in the world does the time go??? And why didn't anyone tell me how fast it roars by??